Sebastian Hills


Sebastian Hills Photo

Sebastian Hills is a remarkable problem solver proven for his unwavering dedication to helping businesses achieve success using tools of technology. As the pioneer behind Gavaton Marketing Agency and Villpress Publications, Sebastian plays a pivotal role in setting the direction and product strategies of these esteemed organizations.

Throughout his career, Sebastian demonstrates regularly an impressive track record of accomplishments within the industry. He has honed his expertise as a Senior Web Developer and Trainer at Oxroad Institute, a company specializing in training businesses and individuals on optimal business practices. Furthermore, he served as a Web Developer and Business Manager at Drones Media, a reputable digital marketing agency located in Lagos, Nigeria, where he provided valuable digital marketing solutions to elevate brand visibility and maximize revenue for diverse business brands.

His exceptional drive to bridge the gap between technology and business has edified his reputation as an indispensable asset to every organization he has partnered with. His strategic thinking, innovative problem-solving, and proficiency in project execution continue to propel businesses toward profitability. With an enviable wealth of experience in the tech scene, Sebastian maintains competence with emerging tools and expertise for enhancing the competitive edge of businesses to thrive in the current fast-paced digital landscape.

Beyond his professional engagement, Sebastian finds himself in a range of hobbies like singing and immersing himself in the captivating world of movies that serve as outlets for his creative best to cultivate well-rounded perspectives that further enhance his thinking and problem-solving abilities.